• Episode 6: How This (Close To) $100M Agency Wins The New Business & Talent Retention Game, Plus Much More With Co-Founder Scott Harkey (Part 1)

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    In this episode, I interview Scott Harkey, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of the 160 person full service marketing agency – OH Partners, one of the fastest growing independent marketing agencies in the US, located in Phoenix, AZ & Las Vegas, NV.

    What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

    • Why we all hear people and culture are paramount and why it is still true.
    • Why reviews from company and employee review sites like Glassdoor are one of Scott’s top KPIs.
    • Valuable insights on talent retainment and what retainment % OH Partners made possible.
    • Why as an agency owner you should be the one focused on getting new business.
    • Scott’s business development philosophy. ( “Always be pitching”, being hyper focused on what accounts you can really make a difference on with their business, and the industries you do well at and understand.)
    • How to win the new business development game with big accounts and strategies that maximize your win rate.
    • OH Partner’s ratio of retainer, project, and AOR clients and how you can structure your ratios for growth, longevity, and stability.
    • Insights from OH Partner’s approach to client diversification.
    • How to build deeper connections with prospects and clients, so you can uncover their core issues and desires professionally and personally.
    • The big benefits and personal challenges Scott and his Co-founder had when they hired a CEO as their own boss for OH Partners.
    • Scott’s vision for OH Partners and what he’s doing to take it to the next level.
    • What OH Partners is actually doing to retain its talent and why their new CEO was so crucial to enhancing talent retention.
    • Stay tuned for Part 2 of this episode in episode 7 of The Build, Buy, Sell Agency Podcast.
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