Episode 7: Accelerating Your Agency By Hiring A CEO & Preventing Agency Failure Through Successful Outbound Business Development, With Scott Harkey (Part 2)

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In this episode, I interview Scott Harkey, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of the 160 person full service marketing agency – OH Partners, one of the fastest growing independent marketing agencies in the US, located in Phoenix, AZ & Las Vegas, NV.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • What were the co-founders of OH Partners thinking when they decided to hire a CEO to be their boss?
  • Scott shares how they found out what a GREAT culture can do, through their new CEO, not a GOOD culture.
  • The specifics on why Glassdoor’s company review platform is a major KPI for OH Partners and how they leverage it for success.
  • Steps to evaluate whether to hire a CEO to take your spot, along with pros and cons for doing so.
  • Strategies to win the “New Business Game” for agencies.
  • What Scott Harkey and his team do to drive aggressive outbound growth through national events, thought leadership, speeches, and more.
  • Why agency owners should have a primary role in driving new business growth.
  • OH Partners growth goals and 2B-5B revenue/year client sweetspot.
  • How smaller agencies can compete for clients vs. bigger agencies and why Scott strives to be the smaller agency competing against the bigger ones in a pitch.
  • How OH Partners breaks down their 150 person firm and agency structure.
  • How Scott helped grow OH partners close to $100M organically in 10 years and the mindset they created to do it.
  • Scott shares the truth behind why the lack of new business development is the reason most agencies fail financially.
  • The simple structure behind OH Partner’s biz dev team that they call, “their special forces unit”.
  • The partner, deal, and acquisition opportunities Scott is looking for at OH Partners.
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