• Episode 4: Learn How To Turn Agency Partnerships Into Acquisitions, Plus Much More, With Paul Pomeroy

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    In this episode, I interview Paul Pomeroy, President of the 90 person full-service agency – Aloysius Butler & Clark (AB&C) headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware.

    What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

    • Why sales is not a dirty word and lessons on embracing it in your agency. 
    • How and why AB&C structures business development and revenue growth as a part of the internal culture expectations across all agency roles. 
    • Why there is an extreme benefit to adding business development team members to your agency who came from different industries outside of advertising.
    • AB&C’s expansion and the plateaus they hit over the 20 years pursuing it.
    • How to define your next plateau and get to it through organic growth, partnering, and acquiring partners.
    • How AB&C leveraged partnering with competitors to grow their agency.
    • How AB&C creates valuable partnerships from a tactical approach to drive agency growth.
    • How keeping an open mind to acquisition opportunities with current partners you are working with can be crucial to helping drive agency growth.
    • Why staying true to your core values as an agency is so important in driving not only growth, but stability in your agency when doing biz dev. 
    • The big realizations Paul had when it comes to clients when picking an agency can be so high stakes to them personally. 
    • How ABC approaches existing partners for acquisition to create a merger of equals under their agency.
    • Why going for acquisition instead of just partnering results in 100% focus on your progress via combined efforts, instead of partial focus on the partner’s end. 
    • AB&C’s growth goals over the next three years and why they’ve shifted from focusing just on aggressive growth to that AND what makes their people happy and how they can bring the best value to clients. 
    • Why you need to have a dedicated person solely focused on business development in your organization.
    • Why it is important to appreciate business development as a professional craft.
    • Why your new business team does not absolutely need to come from an agency. 
    • Why having someone dedicated on your team to exploring acquisitions or connecting with people in the acquisition space can be incredibly helpful to your marketing agency’s strategic growth. 
    • How AB&C kept aligned on their growth vision over 20 years.
    • Why you should have someone on your team, day in and day out, thinking about revenue generated today, next week, next year, in five years, in ten years, and onward.
    • How AB&C’s agency wide 3 year goal setting is done. 
    • How to think about turning partnerships into acquisitions for your agency and reasons to do it. 
    • Specific partnership or deal opportunities AB&C is looking for, and the best way to approach them. 
    • How to get a hold of Paul Pomeroy at AB&C.

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