• Episode 3: JC Cedeno Shares His 80 Person Full-Service Agency’s Internal Corporate-Like Workings, Why He Preaches Their Agency Exit Goal, “In-The-Trenches” Insights With Equity Swaps, & Much More!

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    What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

    • Why having a tendency being the smartest one in the room is to your disadvantage and how to fix it.
    • What an agency structured more like a corporation looks like and why it matters, especially if you are trying to create a full service agency.
    • Learn the advantages of utilizing a team in Latin America and what the biggest challenges are.
    • How to build a leadership team that will challenge you and each other, with highly productive results.
    • Intriguing reasons for weekly leadership meetings lasting up to three hours.
    • JC’s findings on running meetings and why they are less successful when he runs the show, instead of his team.
    • Why JC is leading Palm Era a different path than typical agencies supporting millennial culture desires and how that is affecting his agency.
    • The inspiring market opportunity JC saw in the market to become a full service agency and why he did it.
    • The internal model Palm Era set to confidently say they really do everything as a full-service agency.
    • How JC went from a former career in finance to running Palm Era.
    • Why JC’s ultimate goal is to sell Palm Era by 2025 and why he preaches this to every team member.
    • How to address concerned employee’s questions about your agency being sold in the future.
    • How to handle conversations with your team members if an acquirer wants to do layoffs, before the deal happens.
    • Why a larger agency can relieve pressure on your agency to generate new business, if you are acquired.
    • How JC sells his team on his exit vision and why they are ecstatic about supporting the vision or have no interest.
    • How JC plans on growing through raising capital and acquisition.
    • Ways to approach picking an acquisition valuation model and why JC is focusing on equity swaps as an acquisition growth strategy.
    • What killed JC’s equity swap deal and what he learned from it.
    • Why JC would not take a different approach to his deal that was unsuccessful.
    • The specific deal and partner opportunities JC is looking for with other agencies.

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