• Episode 5: How To Win More New Business By Going Niche, Staff An Outbound Marketing Team, & Boost Agency Capabilities Via Acquisition With Bill Gadless

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    In this episode, I interview Bill Gadless, President/Co-Founder of the 50+ person digital marketing and web design agency – emagine, headquartered in Fall River, MA.

    What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

    • emagine’s story from starting out as a duo of college dropouts to entrepreneurs with a long-standing mid-size agency.
    • How narrowing down from a website and digital marketing generalist to a niche specialist created abundance and growth.
      A lesson on how to test the market and stop undervaluing your marketing or web design services and charging much more. 
    • What the major turning point was for Bill when he went to a conference on web design and how that led him to dramatically increase his prices.
    • Why going niche, focused, and specific, was one of emagine’s biggest successes early on.
    • emagine’s evolution from generalist, to serving a handful of industries, to only healthcare, and now to focusing on niching down even more within healthcare.
    • The impact of going from generalist to niche specific clients for emagine, internally.
    • How Bill’s agency came to embrace outbound sales and outperform typical agency business development norms. 
    • Why niching down has been extremely helpful in winning new business in specific sectors and outselling agencies that are less focused.
    • How to stop having a lame generic USP that every other agency has and truly differentiating yourself for clients. 
    • How Bill staffs and structures his comprehensive outbound marketing team to create a consistent and reliable new business pipeline, better than most other agencies.
    • The one thing you need to apply to yield better responses overall from outbound marketing.
    • Reliable outreach frameworks you can apply to your agency if you are targeting mid-size or large organizations. 
    • Why quality of outreach is better than volume, especially if you are targeting large organizations.
    • How Bill’s web design firm acquired a small SEO firm and why it was crucial to their growth. 
    • How to capitalize on an acquisition, even if the target’s business model is not the same as yours.
    • The deal structure that was arranged for emagine’s acquisition. 
    • The unfortunate truth Bill discovered after pursuing strategic partnerships with traditional agencies, as a digital agency.
    • Why Bill is now focusing on partnering with complementary companies that don’t do digital marketing at all. 
    • Partner and deal opportunities Bill is looking for now.

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