• Episode 2: Adam Kleinberg Shares The Key Factors That Helped Drive His Creative Agency’s Growth To 50 Employees, Getting Press By Being A Provocative Thought Leader, & Much More!

    Build, Buy, Sell Agency Podcast – Agency Leader Series – Adam Kleinberg – Traction

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    What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

    • How to have the confidence to stop being a small agency of people just “making a living” and scale.
    • Why you need to tackle business problems with your cool solutions and not just build cool stuff.
    • The importance of adding some scale of research and strategy into your agency solution set for clients, no matter what agency you run.
    • How your reputation itself can attract bigger accounts.
    • Building your agency’s reputation by becoming a thought leader and how to do it.
    • Why clients are just buying a point of view and how to get them to buy yours.
    • How you and your team can recover emotionally and financially from failing a big client pitch.
    • Why having confidence, being tenacious, and having fun will help you grow your agency.
    • How Adam’s “Days of Action” policy that his team created, added extreme value to his employees and viral media attention and how you can do the same.
    • What type of partnering opportunities Adam is looking for that you can contact him about.

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